Value-Added Support for Complete Financial Confidence

At Whitten Retirement Solutions, our mission is to provide complete support and peace of mind for your financial life. In addition to our core wealth management, retirement, and legacy planning services, our team provides specialized value-added services for our clients across Dorchester County and Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

  • Trusted Guidance: We serve as an ongoing, objective sounding board for major financial decisions for you as well as family and friends. Our guidance prevents emotional investing mistakes.
  • Client Advocacy: We act as an advocate on your behalf when working with legal, tax, or other professionals to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Convenient Document Management: Our secure e-vault safely stores key documents while our e-filing services simplify organization and retrieval.
  • Liaison Services: We liaise between you and your CPAs, attorneys, bankers, and other advisors to coordinate unified planning.
  • Client Education: We provide the latest research and host seminars to keep you informed on wealth management topics and technology tools.
  • Family Support: We provide financial education and guidance to your children and beneficiaries to promote continuity.

By going the extra mile to deliver complete support, our team aims to provide the confidence and convenience to fully focus on what matters most in your financial life. Contact us today to discuss value-added services.