Streamlined Administration for Financial Clarity

Managing finances involves a myriad of administrative tasks including tracking income, expenses, accounts, documents, and more. At Whitten Retirement Solutions, our dedicated team provides administrative services to simplify financial management for our clients in Dorchester County and across Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Our team handle essential financial tasks including:

  • Consolidated record keeping and document management for simplicity.
  • Secure storage of vital documents like wills, insurance policies, and contracts.
  • Transaction processing, invoicing, payment reminders, and expense tracking.
  • Portfolio accounting and performance reporting.
  • Compliance handling for regulatory and tax reporting.
  • Digital organization of financial data, statements, and filings.

With our administrative services, you gain the clarity and confidence that your financial life is organized, compliant, and running smoothly. This frees you to focus on higher priorities. Contact us today to discuss outsourcing key administrative tasks for streamlined financial operations.

Values-Based Giving Planning for Meaningful Impact

Charitable giving allows you to make a meaningful difference by giving back to causes you care deeply about. At Whitten Retirement Solutions, we provide values-based charitable giving planning tailored to reflect your philanthropic priorities. Serving Maryland’s Dorchester County and Eastern Shore regions, our team of giving planning experts can help you:

  • Clarify and articulate your personal values and charitable interests.
  • Select high-impact giving vehicles including donor-advised funds, community foundations, and private foundations.
  • Craft an efficient giving strategy to maximize tax advantages.
  • Establish a giving plan for current and future donations.
  • Structure gifts of appreciated assets like real estate and investments.
  • Plan your legacy via bequests, charitable trusts, and endowed gifts.

With our guidance, you can create a personalized approach to charitable giving that aligns with your values and makes the difference you aspire to. Contact us today to start structuring meaningful giving.