About Our Team

About Our Team

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Blake Whitten

LPL Financial Advisor

My role at Whitten Retirement is, first and foremost, to take care of our clients’ futures. When someone decides to place their trust in us to wisely manage their assets and guide their financial decision making, we take that responsibility seriously.

As your advisor, I will provide you with peace of mind and continued confidence that you will achieve your financial goals and continually be heading down the path to a secure retirement. I will commit to making sure you receive the best combination of support, guidance and service that we can provide. I will be certain to understand and plan accordingly for your individual goals, needs and preferences. I will guarantee that our staff and team members will do the same.

Most importantly, we will treat you like we treat all of our clients – as part of our family.

Greg Whitten

Senior Financial Consultant

My role at Whitten Retirement is to help clients live for today, as well as plan for tomorrow. I am constantly looking to identify planning opportunities that help clients face the future with financial confidence.

Understanding the need to focus focus on our clients’ short-term needs and long-term goals, we approach and plan for each one individually and with dedicated care.

Al Glessner

LPL Financial Advisor

In my role at Whitten Retirement, the most rewarding aspect is knowing that the information and effort we provide our clients will have them in a better place tomorrow than they were today.

I truly enjoy working with our clients each day and seeing them make progress in their lives and pursuing their life goals.

Beth Whipple

Registered Sales Assistant

At Whitten Retirement, I enjoy working closely with both our team and our clients. I take great pride in taking the complex and making it simple and understandable so that our plan and process is clear as you move forward in your financial journey.

I believe in what we do and I take pride in the personal relationship and support we provide our clients. You are much more than just a client to us – you are a part of our family.

Margaret Whitten

Client Services Associate

For me, forming client relationships begins with making them feel like they’re family.

I believes a friendly voice on the phone or a warm welcome in the office always leaves a good impression. I enjoy building the client relationship by listening to their stories and getting a true understanding of where they are in their lives and how we can help them on the path to success.

Jordan Linthicum

Client Services Associate

I believe in being a true team player at Whitten Retirement and working in tandem with our team to see our clients rise together.  My role is to assist in helping our clients open accounts, transfer money, fill out paperwork and ensures that the business side of our office runs smoothly.

My main priority is to guide and educate our clients and make the complex seem simple. I love working with people and supporting them as they grow, learn, and succeed.