Legacy Planning for Lasting Family Financial Security

Ensuring your legacy and passing on your values to future generations is one of the most rewarding parts of financial management. At Whitten Retirement Solutions, our team guides and supports you through customized legacy planning services so you can protect and provide for your loved ones long into the future.

With our holistic approach to legacy planning, we help our clients in Dorchester County and across Maryland’s Eastern Shore:

  • Articulate estate planning goals whether passing a business to children, leaving assets to charity, or equal distribution among descendants. We understand your unique family vision.
  • Create optimized wills and trusts to smoothly transfer assets and minimize estate taxes to maximize your legacy.
  • Structure tax-advantaged gifts to reduce estates before inheritance while benefiting recipients.
  • Establish inheritance plans for distributing specific assets to chosen heirs.
  • Select appropriate estate executors and trustees to objectively administer your estate.
  • Plan asset distribution timing to provide heirs income when needed most.
  • Explore charitable planning, donor-advised funds, and private foundations to perpetuate your values.
  • Set long-term inheritance goals for assets like real estate.
  • Designate advanced medical directives for end-of-life decision making.

With our guidance, you can ensure your estate maximizes the financial security of heirs and minimizes discord after your passing.

Contact Whitten Retirement Solutions today and let us help you positively shape your legacy for generations to come.