At Whitten Retirement Solutions, we provide the confidence our clients need to prepare for their financial future.

Whitten Retirement Solutions

At Whitten Retirement, we understand that you have goals that you want to accomplish now, and dreams for your future. Our mission is to make both a reality.

Our team will help you create an effective game plan, provide advice in a common language, and do it with straightforward fees. We’re here for you if you’re looking for financial advice, retirement help, or for general planning and money management.

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Address:411 Muse Street, Cambridge, MD 21613

P: 410-228-6715
F: 410-221-8554

Address: 411 Muse Street, Cambridge, MD 21613

P: 410-463-1060
F: 410-221-8554

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Our Services

Your advisor should put your interests first, and provide strategies focused on your specific financial objectives.  That’s what we do here. 

Some of our services include retirement planning, IRA Management, Long-Term Care Planning, Mutual Funds, Life Insurance, and small business services.



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You have a lot of options for financial services and advice. Learn more about why Whitten Retirement may be the best fit for you.